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Can I claim back my PPI?

Can I claim back my PPI?

You are probably in a strong position to make a claim if one or more of the following points apply to your case:

 You felt pressure to take out PPI.

 The fact that PPI was optional was not made clear.

 You took out PPI, but it was not suitable for you.

 You were led to believe that PPI was compulsory or would increase your chance of your loan being approved.

 Exclusions of PPI were not confirmed or you had a pre-existing medical condition.

 PPI was added without your knowledge.

 It was not made clear that you would have to pay interest on the cost of PPI.

 Your employment status was not checked and therefore might not have been eligible to claim. For example you were retired or a student.

 You had suitable sick pay cover from your employer which covered you for accident, sickness or redundancy.

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