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PPI Loans

What is it?

Loan PPI (Payment Protection Insurance) is designed to protect your loan repayments if you were unable to work due to accident, sickness or redundancy. This insurance has been sold by banks and credit providers for in excess of 10 years and would normally be sold at the same time as the loan was taken.

Do I have it?  

This insurance would most frequently have been sold as part of the deal when you took out a loan. The premium would generally be charged as a single premium (Up-front) and added to the loan at outset. If you are unsure if this policy was taken out your bank statements from the period of the sale and original loan documents would be a good starting point. If you cannot see any evidence of the cover and remain unsure if you had this type of policy, the bank or provider will be able to investigate further to establish any polices that were purchased.

 Signs that it was mis-sold

You did not know that you had taken out the policy, it was added automatically without your knowledge or you declined the policy.

  • The policy was not suitably explained to you. You were not given any information about how the plan worked.  
  • You were not able to claim on the policy due to the exclusions, for example you had a pre-existing medical condition.
  • You already had sufficient cover in place, for example through your employer or an alternative provider.
  • You were informed that you had to take out the policy in order to obtain the loan.
  • You were pressurised into taking out the policy.
  • Your employment status was not established making the policy unsuitable, for example you were not employed or retired.