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PPI News

Banks knocked back again on end date for PPI claims

The big banks have walked out for the second time from talks with the FCA (Financial Claims Authority),  aimed at agreeing an end date for the current PPI Mis Selling Scandal claims window. As reported in the Sky News website this means that the banks will be in for receiving PPI Claims for a few years to come at least.  Bad news for them, good news for the many people who yet have to make …Read More

Much PPI still to be claimed as Lloyds spend £1.8 billion in the last quarter alone

As reported in the Independent today there seems to be no end to the volume of PPI claims still being made by customers who have been mis-sold the product over the last few years.  Lloyds haven’t posted a profit in 4 years now. They quote “On Thursday when Lloyds Banking Group issues its 2013 results. After a fourth-quarter £1.8bn PPI charge it will report a fourth consecutive year of negative …Read More