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How can you stop those annoying automated PPI phone calls?

We all hate to receive those annoying automated messages that seem to have been recorded using a childrens tv presenter!  Is there any way to stop them?  Well yes and no.

You can register with the ‘Telephone preference service‘ Which is the official UK central optout register.  This is designed to allow you to opt out of receiving any kind of sales call (including charities, political parties and other voluntary organisations).

Register with The Telephone Preference System to reduce the number of marketing phonecalls you receive

You can register with the TPS here.  Note – Registering will not stop SMS marketing messages.

How successful is the TPS?

A recent Ofcom review found that being registered on the TPS helped to reduce the average volume of sales calls by 31% and all styles of nuisance phonecalls  by 35%

Many companies employ overseas call centres to avoid prosecution.  You can report these calls to the TPS if you have the time and inclination, however due to their location outside of the UK it would be very hard for the TPS to successfully pursue them (hence their choice of location).

Currently the ‘high burden of proof’ necessary has even made it quite difficult for them to even prosecute perpetrators within the UK – with only 5 companies being successfully fined to date (2 energy companies, 2 home improvement companies and one PPI company).


Other strategies to avoid unsolicited calls

If your phone is able to show caller ID then you can always opt to not answer any withheld numbers, or international calls.  If you have a land line with no caller ID there are paid solutions that you might consider – e.g. Truecall – a gizmo you plug between your phone and the land line, which intelligently learns who you speak to and who you don’t, and then automatically monitors incoming calls and blocks potential offenders.


There are things you can do to stop these annoying calls.  Register with the TPS  and monitor incoming calls better.  Sadly this type of behavior plays right into the hands of the banks – giving people a negative view of the whole process of claiming anything back from them.

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Nick Stocks is an Internet Consultant specialising in reclaims of mis-sold products mainly from banks such as PPI and Packaged Bank Accounts. See Nick's Google+ page here

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